To save having to re-read all our drivel on each visit we have added an updates page, drop in here first to see any new additions, amendments to text, info, sleeves, pics, etc:

21/9/15 Hey, Go fans!, its been a while but we are still here. Updated sales page and some new updates coming real soon .... promise!

31/8/14 New Gamma sleeve loaded, new discovery Born to Kill now avaiklable to see. Sales section updated with sold tapes removed. New ad for weepie, They all loved him added.

16/3/14 Can Hol ad added, more what they said thens....

13/3/14 Hey Go-fanatics!, its been a while apologies. Anyway the long in planning 'packaging' page has been written, some pics to be added in the next couple of days.

Some 'What they said then' reviews from back in the day and a few tarts n wipes. more to come soon with Stock, Pirates, more on GO's history, more posters, ads, articles and the conclusion of the company history...... watch this space!

5/7/2013 New colours, you likey?

New banner too..... now for the big stuff, ........8 new Video 7 sleeve scans added, BIG thanks to Ian Richardson who likely is the proud owner of the finest Video 7 collection in tapedom. Also added is a brand new link to the fabulous and brand spanking new www.vipcosvault.co.uk fan site, deffo worth a check out.

27/4/13 Dont worry we've not gone anywhere and to be honest not been as lazy as the update list may suggest. Lots of work has been ongoing trying to fix the many gremlins on the Video 7 page and add all the data and we're nearly there. What IS new is the for sale section is now up and running, go tale a look here

21/10/2012 New Journey into the beyond scan finally added and some tweaks to the layout of the Go pages, more to come soon!!

17/7/2012, A whole new section where we have begun to add the Go history, more to come here so keep checking back!

2/7/2012 SS Experiment Camp poster added, thanks to Mark Towns.

26/5/2012 New ads added for Bandits, Bloody Payroll as well as some new articles. A new page dedicated to the logo's and some packaging news coming soon as well as some long over due posters.

23/5/2012 Phhhheww!, finaly we have finished adding all the info in the 'new' InGOmation (geddit, see what we did there?) for all the main Go label, all titles now have their own page where we can add more and more data as and when they come to light.

1/3/2012 NEW Launch!!, we have a brand new look, we hope you like it. All the Go releases have their own pages as the old Go page took ages to load. We have started to write up the Go history and our database has gone but instead we have put all the relevant data plus more on the individual release pages......plus loads more to come over the coming weeks.

11/12/11 Some new ads added including a delicious early edition for the first four releases on Go and one for SS Exp.

1/10/2011 Label section now added

24/8/2011 Celestine sleeve scan finally added as well as some more video 7's and some new adverts, cassette labels coming soon. Check out the Go family page for some photo's of the all the members.

24/03/2011 Don't panic we've not gone anywhere and still have loads to add to the site, time is precious but new additions of articles sleeves and more shot glass reviews comin real soon .....we promise, plus a new quiz!

3/10/2010 Been a while since last updates so lots n lots to do, Mark video now added with scans, some new info on Picadilly and some of the vid 7's. We have also uploaded better scans of some of the Go sleeves. Plus a brand new quiz!

13/7/2010 Kevin's been busy scribbling away to get all the shot glass reviews finished and they are looking great with loads of interesting little facts and data, including DVD releases should you want to see some of these  bizarre films in a digital format.

We have added a little quiz to see if you have been paying attention, go test your Go memory here.

Another family member will be joining the relatives section soon, so you'll have to come back and see who it is, a little known extra label.

15/6/10 We have started to list some of the GO reviews, and made the GO sleeve scans bigger. Over the next few weeks we will be rescanning the sleeves to put some better quality scans of these fantastic sleeves.

A MASSIVE GO thank you goes out to Kevin Hall who has written the most recent of our shot glass reviews for some of the most notorious of GO's releases, nip over to the Go page to read these great articles, thanks Kevin.

18/5/10 LOADS of new stuff going on, another new banner courtesy of Daz Gordon. A load more full GO scans in the GO artwork page and we have started work on the commercial pages, some beautiful full colour adverts taken straight out of 1980's public magazines, loads more to follow too.

9/5/10 Little update. The new design for the layout of the GO artwork page has begun, many of the sleeves can now be seen here. We're starting to take shape now, we hope you like the new layout which should be easy to see, sleeve design, main data and a mini review of each title as we progress. Once this is complete the work will begin on the fascinating commercial world of GO, so don't forget to keep nipping back and sign our guestbook if you can, and the new banner is now in, in case you missed it at the top of each page incorporating two of our favorite go sleeve designs.

18/4/10 Helloooo, unfortunately baby still insists on taking up valuable time so updates have been rare of late. This time around we have added the Picadillys to the database with valuations, all the relatives labels now have their own page, go to GO Relatives and on the right you will see options for each label.

We have also added a new idea called 'Shot Glass reviews' so if you see that anywhere else, they've nicked it, the idea being that over time we will add a very short review of each title, a short sharp shot of a review, i cant stand long turgid ones.

We now have a page dedicated to the whole of the family

We are working on a new banner which is more GOesque, so keep an eye out for that in the next update, we hope you like and come again, don't forget to give us any feedback in the guestbook.

23/2/10 We're back after a brief break to have a baby with a little update and some new sleeves to ponder over, the final Picadilly title (Dracula) now has been added along with the sleeves for the Kidivid label.

18/1/10 GO Data base with an indication of some values

15/1/10 GO catalogue scans added

15/1/10 New commercial page added

12/1/10  New Year = New Look,hope you like it!!!

12/1/10 Scans added for Because he's my friend, Puzzle & Shimmering light

31/12/09 Scans added for Cannibal Holocaust, SS experiment camp, Macabre, Women behind bars, Prelude to Happiness & Kill

30/12/09 Picadilly lable info

30/12/09 Citycenta label info

30/12/09 Other site links page added

30/12/09 Thanks page added