The Miracle Man (1972) - GO 148


Director: Burt Topper AKA: Soul Hustler, Loving Man
Rarity: * *Desirability: *
Run time: 75min 58secReview Rating: * * * *
Production date: 1972Go release date: Jan 1983
DVD Availability: No                                          Tagline: He went to HELL... and came back to die!
Adverts & Articles:Genre: Thriller
Original Price: £Current market Value: £15 - £25

Useless Info

Likely to be one of if not the only Go release to bear the MK IV box with new logo embossed.

Shot Glass Review

Starring swinging 60’s teen idol, Fabian Forte who turns in a decent performance as Matthew Crowe, a long-haired, pot-smoking drifter who teams up with travelling evangelical huckster, Evin Calder (Tony Russell, star of Antonio Margheriti’s space dramas Wild, Wild Planet & War of the Planets) who shows him everything he needs to know about the art of swindling a public starved of faith and Jesus. The Miracle Man follows this unlikely pair of con-artists’ who form an elaborate stage act, where Matthew performs as a rock ’n roll evangelist and becomes an overnight sensation, making a fortune by preying on the naiveté of his young audience before blowing the lot on heroin and hookers!

 Scooby-Doo fans can rejoice as Shaggy star Casey Kasem appears here as Birnie, a shady San Diego public relations guru. Larry Bishop (who appears in Capers, which was another Go endorsed release) also takes a star turn as Brian, a trippy hitch-hiker who’s in it just for the ride, man!

Originally promoted in the US under the infinitely more appropriate title “Soul Hustler”, it now seems ludicrous to consider that Burt Topper’s final film as director never actually made it to UK cinemas. In fact, his film went unseen until some ten years had passed where Go boss Des Dolan intervened and acquired the film, re-titling it as “The Miracle Man”. Likewise, this bastardised Go release went almost completely unnoticed by the British viewing public. To this day, The Miracle Man remains a seldom seen oddity and an exceptionally rare Go tape.

What they said then

THE MIRACLE MAN - starring former teenage heart-throb Fabian in a controversial film where he portrays a hustling young drifter who is corrupted by a Svengali-like con-man evangelist. Video Times, Jan 1982