Arminius the Terrible (1967) - GO 147


Director: Ferdinando Baldi, Rudolf NussgrubergAKA:
Rarity:* * *Desirability: * * *
Run time: 88min 10secReview Rating: * * *
Production date: 1967Go release date: Nov 1982
DVD Availability:NoTagline: Never was a man more feared
Adverts & Articles:Genre: Peplum
Original Price: £Current market Value: £50 - £70

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Condition will significantly effect the value of this title as there was no 'sleeve' as such, the artwork was a semi holograph/3D effect to deter piracy with part of the art pictured on the box and the other part on the outer plastic (see packaging section for more). Unfortunately this made them very brittle much like the US Super label releases and therefor they are often cracked and have parts missing. Recently, less astheticaly pleasing examples have sold for as little as £30.

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Shot Glass Review

This screen adaptation of the battle of the Teutoburg Forest, centres upon Arminius, a former Germanic child hostage of the Romans. Arminius (“The Terrible,” as heralded by this rare Go release) was adopted by Segimerus, a Roman war chief and was himself tutored as a Roman military commander before forming a secret alliance with several Germanic tribes. This film depicts Arminius’ supposed treachery as he leads his army and his superior Publius Quinctilius Varus, a high-ranking administrative official, into an ambush, which served a devastating blow to the Romans who lost close to 20,000 men that day.

Arminius was filmed in 1967 – which transpired to be a MASSIVE year for the late Cameron Mitchell, who was cast as Buck Cannon in the hugely successful The High Chaparral series that year. Cameron was a hard working fixture in these sort of cheap-looking Italian films, as well as appearing in a number of low budget horror pictures throughout the 70’s, where such delights as: Frankenstein Island, The Demon, Kung Fu Cannibals (AKA: “Raw Force”) and the now infamous ex-nasty The Toolbox Murders, could easily be found occupying the top shelves of rental shops across the country; the latter showed the star as a drill-totting, heavy-breathing masked maniac!

 Directed by Italian born Ferdinando Baldi, who would later direct “Terror Express” which itself narrowly missed being branded a Video Nasty back in the paranoid early UK video days, it was obvious this West German/Italian effort was produced on the cheap. Arminius the Terrible (Original title: “Hermann der Cherusker - Die Schlacht im Teutoburger Wald”) not only looked cheap, but was lacking a certain historical accuracy too, as the film featured only a few dozen actors, where some 20,000 Romans are noted historically to have been massacred!

Be sure to check your old videos before throwing anything away, because there’s little reason to doubt that Go tapes remain a prized collectable amongst early video enthusiasts. For example, as recently as June 2010, this extremely scarce tape sold at auction for nearly £70.

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