Insanity (1973) - GO 145


Director: Christina Hornisher                                  AKA: 90028, Hollywood Hillside Strangler
Rarity:* * *   Desirability: * * * *
Run time: 73min 50secReview Rating: * *
Production date: 1973 Go release date: Nov 1982
DVD Availability: NoTagline: The bizarre and terrifying story of a psychotic
Adverts & Articles:Genre:Thriller
Original Price: £Current market Value: £40 - £60

Useless Info

Another of DD's banana's marketing ideas was launched with this title, a free light bulb!! As they stated it was just too scary to watch in the dark, clearly not the case as its mote of a thriller than all out horror film, a nice oddity anyway, anyone get a Go light bulb?

Shot Glass Review

Strangely arty film about a young film editor, Mark (Christopher Augustine) who spends his time creating short porn films for a living. Mark yearns to be taken seriously, and knows he has been doing this mundane work for far too long. He tries to consummate a real relationship, falling under the spell of one of his models who he has seen naked many times, but won’t sway to anything physical with him. Mark begins to regress into a monster, a misogynistic cretin who grows to hate women, before turning to murder to satiate his desires.

Although shot in 1973 by one-time filmmaker Christine Hornisher, “Insanity” was not seen until 1979. The film was eventually released in the US as “Hollywood 90028” and thereafter it wasn’t long before Go Video boss Des Dolan acquired the film, taking its place alongside “Arminius the Terrible” and “Apocalypse The Untold Story” for a November 1982 video release.

Insanity star Christopher Augustine later appeared in Ted V Mikels (Astro Zombies, The Corpse Grinders) The Doll Squad, which was released the same year, but has since dropped off the acting radar completely. The cast of relatively unknown actors do a fine job here, for what is often mistakenly thought to be meaningless sexploitation film, but in reality examines its central character in a lot more detail than might first meet the eye. In a move guaranteed to get the imagination rolling, Go Video reportedly promoted this film with a free light bulb, enticing would-be viewers not to watch it with the lights turned off!

What they said then

GLOW VIDEO! Free light bulbs are being offered with Go Video's new release, Insanity, for anyone who is afraid to watch the film in the dark! 

Go Video are sure that even the most fearless horror addicts will want to take up their offer. How true this is we will have to wait and see, but it's certainly a sure way of arousing interest for a videocassette.

Set in the twilight world between normality and insanity, you have all the elements of a good horror film a psychotic killer who kills everything he loves and lots of passionate love scenes ending in murder. The man who wrote this film, Craig Hansen, actually spent several weeks inside a psychiatric hospital to do research for his film I hasten to add. Even if you don't like the film, you still benefit from your new light bulb! Video Times, Jan 1983