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Interested in more Pre cert shenanigans?,  here is the best of the rest:

Has THE database on pre cert releases along with a fantasticaly friendly and lively forum where like minded folk converge to discuss this long departed medium. A great place to ask any lingering pre cert related questions, gain values on your tapes and sell or trade.

Fabulous fan site dedicated to one of the fore runners of the British video trade, spanning from their early foundations of 8mm distributors into the pre cert era Iver or IFS and their subsidiaries are lovingly displayed here with some great articles, artwork and history.

Great site sharing some fantastic artwork from the era along with other great horror info and updates

Fan site dedicated to the back catalogue from Hokushin Audio Visual, another of the giants from the pre cert era.

Wonderfully explicit brand new fan site dedicated to all output by the infamous Vipco label. Including news, reviews, marketing and pre and post cert interests, go check it out !

Fan site dedicated to the vast back catalogue from Cannon.

Some great sleeve art from VHS releases round the world.