Moonchild (1972) - GO 142


Director: Alan Gadney              AKA: Full Moon
Rarity:* *Desirability: * *
Run time: 78min 38secReview Rating: * *
Production date: 1972GO release date: 1982
DVD Availability: YesTagline:
Adverts & Articles:Genre: Drama/Thriller
Original Price: £ Current market Value: £40 - £50

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Shot Glass Review

They sure don’t come much more obscure than this. Despite boasting Strangler of Vienna star Victor Buono and the prolific and hard-working John Carradine amongst its cast, Moonchild failed to impress it’s audience. Presumed film student and first-time director Alan Gadney has also since disappeared, leaving us with just this singular movie credit to pin to his name. This is such a shame; Gadney managed to cram enough weirdness and originality into his film, which he also scripted, concerning a young artist who encounters an elderly man (Carradine) and is persuaded to visit the site of one of his earlier paintings. While there, he meets a variety of weird and woefully bizarre characters. These tormented souls seem to know something about him, which leads to some sinister revelations about the house and its strange occupants.

This particular release on Go was extremely welcome. It was beautifully presented with some striking and eye-catching cover art (something of a staple with Go tapes) and provided Gadney’s film with its only known UK release to date. Though it is suggested that you stock up on acid before inserting into your player.

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