Raiders of the Treasure of Tayopa (1974) - GO 141


Director: Bob Cawly                                                   AKA: Tayopa Gold, Tayopa Treasure Hunt
Rarity:* *Desirability: * *
Run time: 78min 45secReview Rating: *
Production date: 1974 GO release date: 1982
DVD Availability: No Tagline: A Legend, A burried Teasure, A Savage Assault
Adverts & Articles: Genre: Crime/Western/Thriller
Original Price: £Current market Value: £25 - £30

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Produced & directed by one-time filmmaker Bob Cawley, whose story hinges upon four strangely distant and predominantly dull characters, who venture deep into the Sierra Mountains of Mexico in search of the legendary lost silver mine of “Tayopa”. Along the way, these hapless adventurers – three men and a woman – encounter an assortment of evil bandits and other trappings as they dodge bullets and war with one another as Sally (gloriously over-acted by Phil Trapani) harasses Rena (Kathryn Delgadillo) with increasingly disturbing menace. Sally and Rena are the main characters here, while the other two, Stoddard and their guide Felipe are kept in the background, and simply fill-out the film’s relatively small cast.

Raiders of the Treasure of Tayopa (Original title: “Treasure of Tayopa”) is narrated throughout by Barbarosa star Gilbert Roland, who offers testimony as to why people will continue to search for this lost treasure – even today! As a side note, author J Frank Dobie devoted part of his book “Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver” to the story of this legendary lost mine. Like that of Tayopa itself, this Go tape is an elusive gem and a real collector’s item for Go fans as the film itself is a real snoozer.

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