Apocalypse - The untold story (1981) - GO 139


Director: Ian McLeod                        AKA: The Soldier's story
Rarity:*Desirability: *
Run time: 93min 56 secReview Rating: * * *
Production date: 1981 GO release date: Nov 1982
DVD Availability: NoTagline: Vietnam - The rape of a nation
Adverts & Articles:Genre: War
Original Price: £ Current market Value: £5 - £10

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Shot Glass Review

Yet another Vietnam movie! This time with a twist as written and directed by Ian McLeod – taking the form of a mixed series of events, as told from both sides as Vietnamese and American voice-overs narrate us through key events. The voices, provided by television star Geoffrey Bowes and the unknown Tom Do-Trong Chau, guide us while mixing documentary and historical footage in an attempt to create a balanced and accurate account of the war and their respective Nations as a whole.

This drama, strangely lacking in chronological detail, remains a fascinating cluster of segments, not to mention a refreshing change from the usual sort of Vietnam fodder that is so readily available... In November 1987, Apocalyspe: The Untold Story was re-released by Des Dolan’s Mogul Communications label, using the same version previously endorsed by Go. Apocalypse might not be one of Go’s rarer titles, but it makes a nice addition for display nonetheless. Both tapes are extremely hard to find nowadays, although the original Go tape remains the version of choice by collectors.

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