Megaforce 7.9 (1980) - GO 130


 Director: Kenjiro Ohmori         AKA: Eathquake 7.9
 Rarity:* *  Desirability: * *
 Run time: 98min 20sec  Review Rating: * * *
 Production date: 1980 GO release date: Oct 1982
 DVD Availability: No                                 Tagline: The earths ultimate deisaster strikes the worlds largest city!!
 Adverts & Articles:        Genre: Thriller
 Original Price: £ Current market Value: £20 - £25

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Shot Glass Review

Go boss Des Dolan must have had his fingers in a lot of pies when he scooped this obscurity. This rare Japanese effort from one-time filmmaker Kenjiro Omori provided the UK public with Megaforce 7.9 (Original title “Jishin retto”), which was an undeniably below average disaster movie about a geologists discovery of a forthcoming major earthquake, where nobody listens to him. The knife-twist lies in the detail, where his father, also a geologist, had already predicted the 1923 Tokyo disaster, yet the scientific community refuse to take this guy seriously. Their scoffing soon turns to panic when the lad's predictions become a smokey reality and an entire Tokyo model kit is blown-up in what must have been a pyrotechnics dream!

This was Go’s only video release for October 1982, although as if to place the period into some sort of historical context, it does have the distinction of being released at the same time as video nasty and permanent DPP fixture, Cannibal Ferox, which appeared on tape completely uncut, courtesy of Brian Payne’s trailblazing Replay label. For reasons known only to Mr Dolan however, Megaforce 7.9 was also the first title to bear Go’s snazzy new company logo!

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