Women Behind Bars (1975) - GO 128


Director: Rick Deconnink (Jesus Franco)AKA:
Rarity: * * * * *Desirability: * * * * *
Run time: 75min 12 secReview Rating: * * *
Production date: 1975Go release date: May 1982
DVD Availability: YesTagline:
Adverts & Articles:Genre: Adult
Original Price: £ Current market Value: £500 - £550

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Part of the infamous DPP set, though on this occassion its the 74 badge this title dons. Picked up by the DPP initialy only later for the charges to be dropped and no prosecution case endured. This title is now conciderably rare and commands a kings ransom on the exceptional occassions that one appears for sale. Many a collector looking to complete the DPP set find this one of, if not the final piece in the jigsaw

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