Go Subsidiary Labels & Relations

Here's the rest of the family, GO not only distributed their own product but got into bed with other labels or took on other portfolios to distribute. We show and discuss the various other titles related to Go Video, whether they be predecessors of GO, later ventures, tangent branches for specific genres or just rumored label relations.

Some BIG questions need answering here and there are some great niche outfits to be talked about as well as admiring some other great sleeve designs. The two more commonly known relatives of GO Video were the Piccadilly label and the Citycenta label.

There are numerous reasons why GO or any other label of this era for that matter decided to set up alternative labels. Some pre cert era companies did so to release a set genre of films, a martial arts or an adult range for example, some to signify a better quality of product or even a poorer budget range. There were times when a distributor may have done so not to dilute the prices or image of the main company or possibly even the opposite in an attempt to create a premium brand should they have recently bought the releasing rights to a number of better quality pictures, we can only speculate as to these motives.

These labels where catalogued independently , at least on the surface, to the main companies releases, The Piccadilly releases used their own catalogue numbers, PIC 001 - PIC 005. It is a possibility that the seven missing catalogue numbers from the main GO range are the five Piccadilly's and the two Citycenta titles as GO number 130 (Megaforce 7.9) was released in October 1982 and the first Piccadilly was in December the same year and the first Citycenta was in September '82.

The lesser known relations to GO were Kidivid, Mark Video and the Video 7 labels. The later being so elusive some have never been seen in collector circles.

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