Bandits (1972) - GO 125


Director: Sergio Corbucci                                    AKA: Sonny + Jed
Rarity:* *Desirability: * *
Run time: 93min 23 sec Review Rating: * * * *
Production date: 1972 GO release date: June 1982
DVD Availability: NoTagline: The greatest team since Bonnie & Clyde
Adverts & Articles:Genre: Western
Original Price: £Current market Value:£15 - £20

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Shot Glass Review

Rare spaghetti western from Companeros director Sergio Corbucci, famous for teaming-up with Italian star Franco Nero – who was also once quoted as having said: Ford had John Wayne, Leone had Clint Eastwood, while I have Franco Nero – blends a trio of gritty performances from Kojak star Telly Savalas as sheriff Franciscus with the enormous acting presence of Tomas Milian; Susan George, fresh from her role in Sam Peckinpah’s controversial Straw Dogs, again dodges through this picture seemingly on the verge of being raped by a variety of grotesque-looking cast members, goes it alone in providing Bandits! (Real name “La banda J.S. Cronaca criminale del Far West”) with just a degree of unconventional glamour...

Sadly, this superior western seems to have disappeared without a trace, having never been formally submitted to the BBFC for a video certificate. This lone Go Video release presented Corbucci’s film in a slightly scoped and uncut edition, and was presented on tape with a luscious sleeve design, featuring Ms George wielding a pair of pistols, with a wry smile on her young face!

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