Dirty Deal (1975) - GO 124


Director: Fernando De Leo                                      AKA: Kidnap Syndicate
Rarity:* * *Desirability: * * *
Run time: 94min 30 secReview Rating: ** * *
Production date: 1975GO release date: 1982
DVD Availability: No Tagline: A violent story of treachery and vengeance.
Adverts & Articles: Genre: Crime
Original Price: £ Current market Value: £30 - £35

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Shot Glass Review

From the director of Loaded Guns and The Mikado Killers comes this gritty, violent and tense thriller with the inimitable (if strangely out of place) James Mason as Filippini, a wealthy businessman whose son is kidnapped alongside another. The pair, held for ransom - each representing Italy’s rich and poor social divide – whose lives are handled with frivolously as Filippini negotiates over the kidnappers stiff demands. Enraged with Filippini’s eventual refusal to pay, the gang brutally murder the ‘poor’ lad, which sets off a chain of events as Mario (played with gusto by the French born Luc Merenda) takes matters into his own hands, leaving a trail of blood behind him as he hunts down those responsible...

Divided into two very differently paced halves, Dirty Deal (Original title: “La città sconvolta: caccia spietata ai rapitori”), plays out slowly as the kidnappers negotiate with Filippini, before hitting the accelerator button throughout act two, where Mario exacts his just deserts upon his son’s murderers.

This welcome release from Go presented a rare opportunity to see Fernando Di Leo’s film, which remains the only video edition available in the UK to date. It’s eventual release on DVD in Europe as “La città sconvolta” making a delicious, if long overdue appearance on the digital format.

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