They all Loved Him (1980) - GO 123


Director: Luigi Commencini                                       AKA:
Rarity: * *Desirability: *
Run time: 94min 57 sec Review Rating: *
Production date: 1980 GO release date: 1982
DVD Availability: No Tagline: A story that will tear at your heart strings . . .
Adverts & Articles: Genre: Drama
Original Price: £Current market Value: £10 - £15

Useless Info

Shot Glass Review

This weepie wont make you rich if you happen to come across one on your travels, I doubt it'll make your top 1000 film list either. Full review coming shortly.

What they said then

Time to start stocking up on the Kleenex! For weepies could be the next big thing in pre-recorded video cassettes.

At least, thats the opinion of Des dolan, managing Director of cassette distributors Go Video.
"We've already seen phases when everybody wanted Horror movies, Thrillers or War films" deems Des. "But now I think the public could be ready for some good Old fashioned tearjerkers"..

Mind you, Des's opinion isnt entirely unconnected with the fact one of Go Video's latest releases is a cast iron, Grade A, dyed in the wool, certified weepie of the first order.
They All loved him by name, and starring a precocious eleven year old with the unnerving ability to turn on the tap at the drop of a director's arm (cliche courtesy of Go Video's press blurb), the tape tells the "tender, tear-jerking story of a little boy whose birth is regretted by his parents and who is later abandoned, unloved by both of them."

Sob!, gets you right there doesn't it?

"If this title takes off we are likely to release more titles in the weepie category" promises Des Dolan. In actuality he alredy has. For on the Citycenta video label - manufactured and distributedby (guess who - right first time!). GO Video, there's just been released a video entitled 'Prelude to Happiness'. Video Times, Oct 1982