Macabre (1980) - GO 122


Director: Lamberto Bava             AKA: Frozen Terror
Rarity:* Desirability: * *
Run time: 86min 22 sec Review Rating: * *
Production date: 1980 GO release date: May 1982
DVD Availability: Yes Tagline: Beyond Madness. . .
Adverts & Articles: Genre: Horror
Original Price: Current market Value: £10 - £15

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Another of the high profile cases. Once the DPP got wind of the film they intervened. Go were given an ultimatum, face prosecution or cease the sales of the title, Go chose the later. However concidering the number of units out in the 'wild' it would appear this action was not that successful on behalf of the DPP.

This is probably one of the easiest of the Go titles to aquire, along with Apocalypse it will feature in Ebay's listings on most weeks of the year. Still a great sleeve, which caused some controversy at the time (See adverts section), which to be fair is more interesting than the film itself, a bt of a snoozer in our opinion.

Shot Glass Review

If there was ever any doubt that Mario Bava’s son, Lamberto lacked his director father’s creativity, then Macabre would undoubtedly destroy any such thoughts. This was one of Lamerto Bava’s earliest films and what a daring and twisted attempt it was. XTRO star Bernice Stegers played Jane, an ex-mental patient, whose obsession with her former lover - who was decapitated in an accident just one year earlier - showed no limits or boundaries. Macabre (Original title “Macabro”) is a seriously twisted tale of unhinged love, while mixing it up good style with a double-dose of such social taboos as mental illness!

This early Go release presented Bava’s film dubbed into English with clear, sharp image quality that certainly belied its murky subject matter. In February 1987, Go Video owner Des Dolan was so impressed he also released the film on his MOGUL video label, which was followed by Apocalypse: the Untold Story in November of the same year.

More recently, Macabre can be found on DVD from Arrow Film Distribution Ltd in the same dubbed edition, but in widescreen - sporting newly commissioned cover art, similar to that of this early Go release.

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