Sinner (1972) - GO 119


Director: Clifford Brown (Jesus Franco) AKA: Diary of a Nympho
Rarity:* * *AKA: Diary of a Nympho
Run time: 83min 04 secReview Rating: * * * *
Production date: 1972 Review Rating: * * * *
Tagline: It started with a rape.... GO release date: 1982
Adverts & Articles: Genre: Crime
Original Price: £Current market Value: £70 - £90

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Quite possibly one of the most undervalued Go releases, odd as it ticks most of the boxes, italian horror/crime, good art, rare and probably Franco's best film.

Shot Glass Review

Another controversial film from the multi-faceted Jess Franco stable. Sinner weaves around the supposed murder of Linda Vargas, a lesbian stripper who inexplicably kills herself in a hotel room, while shacked-up with Ortiz (Manuel Pereiro), an older gent who she just picked-up in a bar. Held on suspicion of murder, Ortiz’ future hangs in the balance while his wife, Rosa (Jacqueline Laurent) conducts her own investigations, digging deeper into the seedy murder, while discovering layer-after-layer of unsavoury details about everyone involved... There’s little doubt that Sinner, original title: “Le journal intime d’une nymphomane” is one of Jess Franco’s better films. Released as “Diary of a Nymphomaniac” in the US, this stylish and difficult to find film first appeared in cinemas in June 1973, before its mouth-watering release on GO nearly ten years later in 1982.

GO boss Des Dolan commissioned a fiery red sleeve design for this title, featuring a screaming woman with the tagline “It started with a rape...and ended in death with a bloody vengeance...” so there was certainly no mistaking the likely impact the film might have! Despite the incredible artwork on show here, Sinner was certainly not a commonly found tape on British rental shelves, and good-conditioned examples are scarce.

In a move that was very common for the director, Franco filmed this picture under the pseudonym Clifford Brown. GO fans will also note that Howard Vernon, fresh from his appearance as the sinister Cagliostro in Franco’s equally twisted The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein, is seen here. This time around, Vernon plays another shady character - a fake doctor who informs Rosa during her investigations that the murdered Linda was actually a former drug addict who later became a nymphomaniac! Happy days, eh folks!

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