SS Experiment Camp (1976) - GO 118


Director: Sergio Garrone                   AKA:
Rarity:* * Desirability: * * * * *
Run time: 89min 54 sec Review Rating: * *
Production date: 1976GO release date: Jan 1982
Tagline:DVD Availability: Yes
Adverts & Articles: Posters, AdvertsGenre: Exploitation
Original Price: £ Current market Value: £120 - £150

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Due to its DPP status this title's valuation can sour or fall depending on whats happening in the community, at times of new books or documentaries on the topic this has been known to fetch over £300, its 'true' market value however is nearer the above.

This was the first title to bear the 2nd logo, the squaring of the firms name following the fashion at the time and moving away from the staid plain font previously used. This move followed the direction that the owners knew was critical for any future success, brand and brand recognition. In a viciously competitive marketplace as the video boom geared up into full swing the company invested heavily in marketing. Its likely that this was the point of entry of the embossed boxes, further promoting the brand.

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Shot Glass Review

Go certainly knew how to market their films. This gritty and exploitative war film from director Sergio Garrone, appeared on tape ahead of its equally contentious DPP companion-piece Cannibal Holocaust in January 1982. SS Experiment Camp was illustrated with graphic cover art, depicting a naked woman strung-up with ample swastikas on show. This particular release was uncensored, although its sleeve design was altered slightly to show the tortured woman wearing a strangely unfashionable G-string!

Garrone went on to make the even more exploitative Nazi shocker SS Camp 5: Women’s Hell, which appeared on tape throughout parts of Europe, but has unsurprisingly never been seen in the UK!

It’s amazing what a few years can do for a film – After causing such a stir back in the early 80’s, this outrageous trashy gem has finally reappeared in the UK, having undergone official classification in August 2005, following an astonishing 20 year ban! Marketed under its original title of ‘SS Experiment Love Camp’, the film is now available in high street shops, released by grey market outfit Blackhorse Entertainment.

Buyers beware: Some early Blackhorse prints were mistakenly released as Love Camp – an unremarkable film with Emmanuelle star Laura Gemser, which must have stunned collectors and pundits alike hoping to finally purchase Garrone’s film officially in the UK!

What they said then

SS Experiment Camp from Go Video,
A movie about the horrendous goings- on at a German prison camp for women.
Video review, March 1982