The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein (1972) - GO 117


Director: Jesus Franco AKA: The Curse of Frankenstein
Rarity:* * * Desirability: * * * *
Run time: 93min 56 sec Review Rating: * * *
Production date: 1972GO release date: 1981
DVD Availability: Yes Tagline: Brutal! Bizarre!
Adverts & Articles:Genre: Adult/Horror
Original Price: £ Current market Value: £100 - £150

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This title has become far scarcer of late and due to the Franco connection has raised its profile significantly in the value stakes.

Oddly GO moved away from the traditional card like sleeve for this release, a move they would repeat later in the range. 

This was the first title to bear the 2nd logo, the squaring of the firms name following the fashion at the time and moving away from the staid plain font previously used. This move followed the direction that the owners knew was critical for any future success, brand and brand recognition. In a viciously competitive marketplace as the video boom geared up into full swing the company invested heavily in marketing. Its likely that this was the point of entry of the embossed boxes, further promoting the brand.

Shot Glass Review

Yet another low budget effort from Spanish filmmaker Jesus Franco – who’s used more aliases throughout his career than James Bond. This Euro horror, released here on GO Video as The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein (Original title: “La maldición de Frankenstein”) was surprisingly an uncensored ‘Hot version’ intended for release in Europe. Starring Howard Vernon, an inadvertent GO Video regular, appearing in no less than three other GO-endorsed films, all of which directed by Franco (as Clifford Brown) namely: Celestine, The Demons and Sinner.

This longer version contained additional nudity and a perversely bizarre flagellation sequence, involving the silver-skinned Frankenstein and a naked couple bound over a spiked floor! Franco shot his film in Portugal in 1972 and this GO tape remains the UK’s only known release of this film. Today, good-conditioned examples of this tape can soar in excess of £100 making this a genuine collector’s item for folks in the know...

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