The Demons (1972) - GO 116


Director: Clifford Brown (Jesus Franco)AKA: Les Demons, The Sex Demons
Rarity:* * * *Desirability: * * * * *
Run time: 79min 28 secReview Rating: * * *
Production date: 1972GO release date: 1981
Tagline:DVD Availability: Yes
Adverts & Articles: Genre: Adult/Horror
Original Price: £ Current market Value: £250 - £300

Useless Info

The second release of this title, the only title Go released twice. Why the second sleeve design was commissioned is unknown. It is not as if this second release was toned down at all as it still featured female nudity. One of the big guns and you wont see this title for less than £250 unless incredilbly lucky at a car bootsale.

Shot Glass Review

One of the trashiest and seedier of all Go releases; this sordid Jess Franco produced (using the pseudonym Clifford Brown) S&M-styled account of the 17th century witch trials was rejected in March 1972 when submitted for a cinema certificate. Times have changed however and Redemption Films, possessing a version that was over 20 minutes longer than this Go release, finally got the film through unscathed. This ‘Restored Version’, one of three known extant variations of this film, is perhaps more familiar to fans in Europe as Les demons. This comparatively polished work by Franco certainly wasn’t without its faults. Several scenes were shot out of focus, while others lingered shakily after a zoom, giving the production a sort of well deserved cheap ’n nasty feel.

This was one of no less than three films which Go licensed from CFFP (Comptoir Français du Film Production) library in Paris. Others included Diary of a Nymphomanic (AKA “Sinner”) and The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein. Go revealed two very different sleeve designs for The Demons, possibly simultaneously. Both sleeves depicted graphic scenes of torture, mixed with erotic overtones.

As well as being one of the trashier titles Go had to offer, it is also one of the rarest. Good conditioned tapes are known to fetch excellent prices at auction and create a frenzy of activity.

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