Triangle of Lust (1977) - GO 114


Director: Hubert Frank                                                        AKA: Terrifying Confessions of Captive Women,Angel Beasts
Rarity:* * * Desirability: * * *
Run time:Review Rating: * * *
Production date: 1977 GO release date: Nov 1981
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Adverts & Articles:Genre: Crime
Original Price: £Current market value: £35 - £40

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Another obscure release from Go, this time filmed in the Canary Islands and Tenerife, bringing together a bizarre plot surrounding a supposed nymphomaniac, (who’s name sounded like Susumachu, played by Patricia Adriani in her first screen role) who is forced to escape a crash by jumping out of her small plane. The unfortunate woman washes up on shore, into the dense forests and falls prey to a nasty group of kidnappers, hiding-out there with a couple of their women. Taken hostage, she is forced to rely on her unique skills of seduction, displaying her ample flesh before escaping with Marcus, a male captive and son of a banker being held for ransom. During the course of their daring escape, Susumachu and Marcus soon discover a hoard of hostile randy bikers (pictured on the reverse of Go’s remarkable sleeve design) who are even more blood-thirsty than the kidnappers...

 This rare and uncensored November 1981 Go release presented Frank’s film slightly scoped, looking vibrant and colourful, if a tad scratched. In February 1987, Triangle of Lust reappeared as “Terrifying Confessions of Captive Women”, under the Global Sales Ltd banner. This edition didn’t go down too well with the BBFC however, and cuts were imposed, amounting to 43s. The cuts required the removal of some of the film’s sexual content, including a scene showing a bearded would-be rapist remove Susumachu’s top after terrorising the poor woman using an assortment of knives!

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