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The artwork used by GO on their releases is very much a key part of what makes them so collectable today. The daring in-your-face and controversial SS Experiment camp got the company into the headlines for the wrong reasons as did the grizzly displays set out on the front cover of the infamous Cannibal Holocaust.

            SS Experiment Camp       Cannibal Holocaust


These two big boys are the celebrities in the GO camp, there are however many other treats in store........

Two more of the GO 'faces' were these two naughty boys, both found themselves in hot water when the DPP came a looking, Macabre was seized yet returned to the company on the premise that no further copies would be distributed. 

                          Macabre              Women Behind Bars


Women behind bars is an exceptionally rare video to source these days and sits near the top of many a collectors xmas wish list and like its brother Macabre was considered for prosecution yet was never fulfilled and wears the DPP 72 badge as opposed to the higher ranking DPP39.

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