The Brave Bunch (1970) - GO 105


Director:Dacosta Carayan                            

AKA: Gennaioi tou Vorra
Rarity:* Desirability:* *
Run time: 97min 30 secReview Rating: * *
Production date: 1970GO release date: 1981
DVD Availability: No Tagline: A story of high suspense and human drama
Adverts & Articles:Genre: War
Original Price: £39.95

Current market Value: £30-£35

Useless Info

In Nov 1981 upon its release GO heavily advertised this title, seeing it as its first effort into more mainstream markets and therfore a wider audience. Previously they had aquired soft core adult titles until this , errr, feature film.

Shot Glass Review

It would have seemed more appropriate to just re-label this absurd production as The Mixed Bunch, when displayed on video shelves, largely because this confusing Greek production whips-up elements of WWII Partisan resistance fighting with that of the more familiar Spaghetti western, while following a psychotic gang of gun-crazed outlaws as they rob, murder and rape virtually anything that moves!

Directed by the late Costas Karagiannis (as Dacosta Carayan), Go Videos output of The Brave Bunch (Original title: “Oi gennaioi tou Vorra”) represented just one third of the director’s work available in the UK, which is all the more surprising when considering that Karagiannis had actually filmed close to 100 productions at the time, while the other two (The Greek Connection & Tango of Perversion) were readily available on the UK Intercity & Poseidon video labels.

Go presented this truly absurd oddity of theirs in its original BBFC ‘X’ version, as handled by Cathay Films in December 1973, which was already missing over 6 minutes of violent footage. A much longer 2 ½ hour edition of the film is widely thought to exist, although very little is known about this release.

What they said then

The Brave Bunch - Out for a while already, and doing steady sales, The
Brave Bunch is a slight anomaly in a fast-changing market. It harks back to the early days of video in being an obscure foreign film dubbed (rather badly) into English and then hyped as an irresistible action adventure.

It follows, in fact, in the successful tradition of The Dirty Dozen, The Wild
Bunch and (on video) Inglorious Bastards being the tale of a few against many, overcoming seemingly impossible odds through fool- hardy courage and a refusal
to accept the possibility of defeat.

It tells the story of Greek resistance during World War 2 against the brutality of the Bulgarians and the rule of Germany. Although the film lacks polish and the English dialogue is sometimes lamentably divorced from the action, The Brave Bunch is gripping and exciting and benefits from the added edge of beinq based in truth. Popular Video, Sept 1981