Devil's Nightmare (1971) - A 104


Director: Jean Brism                                                         AKA:
Rarity:* * * *Desirability: * * * *
Run time: 84min 01 secReview Rating: * * *
Production date:1971 GO release date:1981
DVD Availability: YesTagline: A movie which will root you to your seat
Adverts & Articles:Genre: Adult/Horror
Original Price: £39.95Current market Value: £100 - £150

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The easiest and cheapest of the early soft core GO titles, hardly what you may call cheap as it is likely to still set you back three figures to get hold of one.

Shot Glass Review

Jean Brismée writes and directs this rare Belgian/Italian co-production of hers, based loosely on the 7 deadly sins. Likewise, the story hinges upon seven unlucky tourists who become stranded when they miss their ferry. Taking refuge in an old nearby castle, each ‘guest’ falls victim to a particularly macabre and sinister series of temptations, each representative of one of the infamously perilous deadly sins...

 When Devil’s Nightmare was first presented for a cinema release, it was heavily cut for its July 1972 screening, as handled by Target International Films. This rare Go release (Original title: “La plus longue nuit du diable”) reproduced the same censored version, which was missing nearly six minutes of footage. When Salvation Films re-submitted the film in May 1999, Brismée’s Devil’s Nightmare was given the all-clear and was finally seen uncut in the UK.

Interestingly, fans of the original soundtrack for Devil’s Nightmare can rejoice - released in Italy as "La terrificante notte del demonio". The lead singer, Giulia Alessandroni, is the sister of the multi-talented guitar player and whistler Alessandro, who is the composer of the soundtrack and long-time collaborator of film music legend Ennio Morricone.

The allure of collecting early first release tapes has never shined brighter than here, while the original censored Go tape remains a prized collectable among like-minded enthusiasts, whom will seek out this incredibly scarce edition in favour of the longer Salvation release. So desirable are these that mint-conditioned examples can fetch inexplicable prices, often in excess of £100 at auction.

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