House of Perversity (1974) A 103


Director: Pierre-Claude Garnier       AKA: Sex Crazy
Rarity: * * * * *Desirability: * * * * *
Run time: 83min 53 secReview Rating: * *
Production date: 1974GO release date : 1981
DVD Availability: NoTagline: Erotic Sex Drama at its best!!
Adverts & Articles:  AdvertGenre: Adult
Original Price: £39.95Current market Value: £500 - £600

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After Celestine this is the next most difficult title to source and some even claim it to be no 1. Deep pockets and almost deeper levels of patience are required to obtain this delightful tape. Only a handful are known to exist, the pre cert forums database only references six owners, although this is by no means any indication of total numbers, it does give an indication of its rarity due to the density of the pre cert collectors community membership of the site.

Shot Glass Review

After a stint producing the Jean Brismée Euro-schlock epic The Devil’s Nightmare, would-be first time filmmaker, Pierre-Claude Garnier took to directing his own film. This daring first effort was written by Patrice Rhomm, (under the pseudonym Mike Starr) who would also soon turn his hand at directing, later coming up with “Captive Women 4”, which is perhaps better known to UK viewers as “Elsa Fräulein SS”. This was one of the better Nazi-exploitation films, appearing briefly on Peter Burr and Aubrey Ross’ Modern Films, which was a subsidiary of Mountain Video.

This French/Belgium co-production was touted as “Erotic sex drama at its best!!” which was emblazoned across the front of the minimalistic, yet strangely alluring UK video sleeve. Our story follows the shenanigans of greedy wife Loretta (Valérie Boisgel), who kills her first hubby in a supposed “hunting accident”, while her second, who suffers from a heart condition, is introduced to a trio of Euro lovelies (a cast headed by Euro starlet Erica Blanc) who take it in turns to produce the desired effect of a heart attack by literally shagging the poor guy to death! By the time her third husband croaks, local police Inspector Garner muscles’ in, seeking to foil her plans, spelling blackmail & intrigue… During production, Rhomm was re-united with Blanc – an Italian actress who has worked with a number of prominent filmmakers throughout her career, spanning nearly five decades, who started as an extra in the farcical Tinto Brass space drama, The Flying Saucer (original title “Il disco volante”).

Garnier’s first film appeared in French cinemas as “Le tango de la perversion”, premiering in March 1974. His work never saw the light of day in UK theaters, so it was just as well that Go acquired the film for release on tape, where it appeared as ‘House of Perversity’ sometime in 1981 in a subtitled variant alondside the French audio. This exceptionally rare video unspooled to UK viewers in an abridged edition, which was missing some six minutes of sleazy footage. Miraculous therefore that it is this same censored tape that should command such high prices from collectors, whom are literally queuing-up to scoop these rarest of Go tapes in order to complete their collections. Likewise, this title has been known to occasionally command prices in excess of £500 within collector’s circles.

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