Celestine (1974) - A 101


Director: Clifford Brown (Jesus Franco)      AKA :
Rarity: * * * * *Desirability:* * * * *
Run time:93min 56 secReview Rating:
Production date: 1974 Go release date:1981
Tagline: A Maid for Everyone !! DVD Availability:
Adverts & Articles: Genre: Adult
Original Price: £39.95Current market Value: £800 - £1000

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The first go release an one of the rarest, this was the initiator of Go's first four titles comprising of this soft core adult nature. Of all the Go titles this is incredibly sought after in collectors circles, currently its likely that to secure one of these would cost you near, if not over a four figure sum and places it as one of the most valuable tapes ever released in the UK. The few known examples are well tucked away in collections.

In the last five years only one new example has surfaced and Celestine has changed hands on just three occasions that are known, two of those were the same tape. It is without doubt one of the most sought after tapes from the pre cert era and if its not on your wants list, your not in the big game.

Unfortunately our copy has a slightly trimmed sleeve.

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