Old Quiz's

Did well in the main quiz and want to test your knowledge on previous brain teasers, here thay are:


  • Whats the full name of the cannibal epic which the authorities were so hot about released by GO?
  • Whats the childrens label called?
  • How many seperate releases on all the labels were directed by Jes Franco under any guise or pseudonym?
  • Was the Marquis de Sade's beautifully sleeved Violation of Justine the cut or uncut print?
  • How many titles were released on the Citycenta label?
  • Who directed the Nazi exploitationer SS Experiment camp?
  • Which title had the gruesome sleeve depicting a severed head in a freezer?
  • Which Piccadilly title starred Jack Palance in the starring role?
  • Go used a rather ingenius anti piracy system with one of their later releases, were the sleeve was incorporated into the box, what's the name of this title?
  • Three titles were meant to be released by GO but were not, One for all, Cursed valley and ....?



  • Cannibal Holocaust
  • Kidivid
  • 5 (there were 2 releases of demons)
  • Cut
  • 2
  • Sergio Garrone
  • Macabre
  • Dracula
  • Arminius the Terrible
  • Born to kill

Well DONE!!, check back next month for more teasers!