Mark video was an unusual set up. Only three titles were released on this label. All three very random and unrelated and the artwork rarely has the 'GO'esque' feel to them, the set up seems one of almost a 'dustbin' label, titles that did not fit into the desired catalogue of the other GO labels and it seemed to lack direction as to where they wanted to go with it.

Inhibitions is probably the one title that does match the GO M-O, the sleeve design and the layout of the data on the rear is very similar in style to the sleeves released around the time of SS Experiment Camp on the parent label. The label on the cassettes are likewise similar in design to all the GO labels, which tend to use a template design with label logo and the film title printed across the middle.

Bed partners whilst having fabulous artwork could be excused as being from other pre cert families.  The label is very plain, although when it came to adult titles some video houses would lose their logo, Deranns Goldstar label springs to mind with plain labels on the adult titles stating title, run time and copyright warning, Mountain were also know for this practice.

The most intriguing of the three is Way of the Dragon 2. Different sleeve material to the other two which utilised the common GO thick card, it also sported a simple label design ala Bed Partners. The key difference here is the 'Films Galore' distribution claim on the front of the sleeve. The only other Films Galore title known to exist is the rare incredibly low budget horror 'Suffer Little Children'. Why GO would be involved with a small distribution outfit like this is still a mystery and one which we hope to solve......

The Mark Videos

Inhibitions - MK 001

This rare release from Mark Video was the first on the label, utilising a uniform label much akin to the GO releases. Sleeve material was of the hard card nature favoured many times by GO.

Value wise it's difficult to predict as it is so seldom seen like all the Mark releases, however its unlikely to be purchased for less than £40 and with artwork of this style which is very popular could even double the price in the right place.

Shot Glass Review

Widow Carol brings her personal secretary to Africa, clearly very wealthy from her previous marriage she is surrounded by life's luxuries. Brutally and sadistically treated by her deceased husband and his friends she now harbours a resentment to most men she encounters and prefers the company of her assistant.

This soft erotic film is quite well made actually, nice film sets follow the male lead through his early exploration of the city, naturally leading up to the moment when our lead ladies are to meet our lead man. The American stetson donning hero of the piece displays his professional gambling skills rather than his amorous qualities early on bar a wee admission to the mile high club.

In the meantime Carol saunters around delivering a healthy serving of distain and spite to any passing male whilst taking every opportunity to undress her secretary and enrol in some lesbian action. I guess this is standard proceedure for this genre of film, as you may have guessed this reviewer is slightly more comfortable with the horror titles.

The dubbing in this Italian effort is appalling, though I suspect this fact is rather academic to the regular viewer of this style of film.  The scenery is as noted stunning in parts, as Tunisia is lovingly portrayed, though the cast is certainly not as aesthetically pleasing, Carol has a certain drag queen charm about her and the bit part players who thankfully remain clothed have a troll like quality.

Overall a forgetable if pretty affair, the artwork is probably the best thing about this release.

Bed Partners - MK 002

If you thought Inhibitions was hard to find, try tracking one of these down, a number of collectors would be delighted to just see one come up for sale and its numbers known in circulation must surely be in single figures.

Once again opting for the standard hard sleeve the design is very different in style to most other releases from Go and most collectors would agree its delightful colours and style ticks most of the boxes. With a plain label it would be easy to miss it from the GO family, perhaps the content precluded its design.

Value wise would be fast approaching three figures, but as the only one this sites owners have ever seen come up for sale is this one, it would therfore be pure speculation to place a figure on it.

Shot Glass Review

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Way of the Dragon 2 - MK 003?

Shot Glass Review

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