Citycenta only had two titles under its banner, Journey into the Beyond and Prelude to Happiness. The former being the star of the show and is the craving most collectors, including this one, require to fill a gap in their collections. Only a couple are known to exist making it a very valuable title, part of its notoriety is down to its appearance in the 'must have books' on the subject, the Art of the Nasty et al

The Citycentas

Journey into the Beyond  - CCV 002

The subject matter of this title would not have most collectors hastening towards their machines in a flush to view it, the main content being a mondo documentary would be enough to disgust most people. It is purely its elusiveness and stardom (book appearances) that make this title appear on most hardened collectors wants lists.

Released in September 1982, probably due to its content it is believed that the number of units sold was very minimal hence its rarity today.

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Prelude to Happiness (1975) - CCV 001

Prelude to Happiness, the second and final release under the Citycenta flag, released November 1982 was a drama centering around the love story of an amputee. An unusual film that covers a potentially sensitive subject matter in quite a sensitive way.

Unlike its infamous older brother Prelude cannot demand anywhere near the three figure plus price tags of Journey and can usually be picked up for around £30. Although it is not as elusive, at least not as elusive as to be able to accurately predict the numbers still in circulation this is still a very rare title and is not commonly seen on eBay or even private sales.

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What they said then ...

There's just been released a cassette called Prelude To Happiness and subtitled "The incredible story of an impossible love." And its plot is such pure tear-jerking corn that we felt obliged to print for you in full every weepie word of the synopsis that appears on the tape case. Tissues there, to hand? Right, then we'll begin.

Sue Imes and her fiance, Joe are celebrating her graduation from nursing school when Sue's leg is injured by a passing car. She wakes up in hospital and learns her leg has been amputated. When Joe calls off the wedding she becomes terribly depressed.  

Young Dr. Steve Hartman tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself, and gets her hired at the hospital as a nurse. After rescuing her from an assault by two thugs, Steve helps her find an apartment near the hospital. Steve s wealthy socialite fiancee, Tiffany, becomes increasingly annoyed when she learns Steve has been spending time with Sue.

On a picnic he tells Sue he loves her and not Tiffany. With the bitter memory of Joe's rejection, she turns down Steve's proposal. He pleads with her in vain, then goes in desperation to ask Tiffany to marry him. Soon realising he has made a mistake, he breaks off their engagement.

The next morning, Sue learns that Steve is in surgery after an auto accident that might leave his legs permanently damaged. Sue realises what a fool she has been to deny Steve her love. When she asks if he still wants to marry her, Steve answers with a kiss.

Now, if only it also featured a waif-like eleven-year-old with a knack for turning on the tears..! Video Times, Oct 1982

Prelude To Happiness (c1970) colour (c90 mins) A girl is involved in a car accident and wakes up in hospital to learn she has lost a leg. Her fiance calls off the wedding, but she finds comfort from a young doctor. Stars Rose Petra, Gary Davis and Carol Sowa Popular Video, Sept 1982