As one of the larger independents of the era, GO featured in many publications, newspapers, magazines and in more recent times books on the subject. Some great interviews with Des Dolan as the owner and general manager give us a peek into the mind of those in charge.

See below for a taster of some of the articles written, the competitions and the prizes. The new release reviews give a little flavour of what was thought of the films at the time with such a limited range on offer in the entire industry. Its often fascinating to see how some rather turgid and in all honesty average films were received, of course some were absolutely fabulous and still are today, Cannibal Holocaust springs to mind.

Competition page - Popular Video Nov 1981

This competition, held by Popular Video late in 1981, continued the long standing relationship with the magazine. This competition highlighted that partnership, through 1982 Go extensively used this magazine to promote new releases.

This effort gained some great media coverage for one of the first feature films not of an adult nature, understandably GO wanted to push this title as much as possible.

Unfortunately in our copy some little bleeder has filled in the competition and sent it off......I wonder if they won?

The prize was your very own copy of the film and retailing at £39.95 in 1981 was a prize not to be sniffed at, second prize however would interest us more as it was an original GO T-shirt, anyone still got one?

Competition results - Popular Video Jan 1982

The 10 winners of the Brave bunch were listed and 20 jammy winners of the GO T-shirt listed in this issue.


Video Viewer April 1982

Popular Video June 1982

The rental chart from June showing the 'classy' SS exp making an appearance, no doubt this would've had the critics and National viewers assosiation choking on their lemon tea, delightful.