Piccadilly was a joint venture between Des Dolan's GO Video ltd and the Film and TV distribution company Dandelion Distribution owned by Noel Cronin, both companies were based in London yet GO would be responsible for the manufacture and distribution of the titles.

Piccadilly initially intended to release twenty titles through '83 yet actually only released five, the first having being launched December 1982. Starting with two thrillers Puzzle and Kill and in the new year of '83 released the Drama's Shimmering Light, Because he's my friend and the one horror title, Dracula with Jack Palance. Why the further fifteen titles did not materialise is unknown.

The Piccadilly's even used the same GO embossed boxes when released, yet have never acquired the same collectability in trading circles that the parent GO label releases demand and can often be picked up from around £10 a tape upwards. That said however they are just as elusive as some of the middle of the road GO main titles.

The artwork on the Piccadillys could certainly not be stated as having been risque akin to the GO sleeves. In fact you could be forgiven for describing them as bland in most cases, surprising as the same designer was used, Graffiti, to produce the sleeve work who also designed the more attractive sleeves of the likes of Insanity and Arminius the Terrible and most of the final Go releases along with many of the carton releases on the Intervision label.

The Picadillys

Puzzle (1978) - PIC 001

The most common Piccadilly release, regularly seen on  ebay, can be picked up for around £10-£12.

Shot Glass Review

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Because he's my friend (1978) - PIC 002

Shot Glass Review

An American submariner, his wife and what is regularly referred to in a typical '70's fashion as their 'retarded' son, I think the modern more accurate reference would be Autistic, move to Australia. The mother struggles to discipline and deal with her sons problems effectively, until a headmaster basically tells her to get tough, daddy submariner doesn't agree and the tension rises between them.

The constant reference to the boy being 'retarded' is quite difficult to take these days as its a term seldom used in a serious manner, many 'faces' from Aussie soapland take up the various roles as we watch the father go through a Top Gun'esque school for submarine commanders, don't get excited though, there is no Kelly McGuiness, no Iceman baddie nor any action that powers above counting sheep here.

I'm sure this is  a tale written, told and directed by someone who has either lived this experience or been close to it, I cant see why anyone else would want to write or film this snoozer.

Kill (1976)  - PIC 003

Probably the most valuable of the Piccadilly's and arguably the best artwork, though the competition is weak it has to be said.

Shot Glass Review

Very Decent mafia tale surrounding an ex con  from Corfu (Directer and star Tony Zarindast) who is lured into the murky underworld by a mafia member who takes him under his wing as his new protege. Unfortunately the new hit man has more scruples than previously thought and finds himself eventually on the wrong side of the mafias affections, once they discover his true identity.

Naturally a woman is the turning point for our would be hero as her potential demise is the trigger that helps brings his ethics to the fore, through her we eventually find that this ex vet and pow has a little secret of his own and a taste for revenge.

Its actually a very well acted film for a low budget affair, Tony plays the lead with a certain moodyness which at first you could be forgiven for thinking is an excuse for his acting inability but actually suits the character well and makes him more believable, eventually you realise the original critique is unfair and he can actually be quite menacing.

A slow mover but it kept me interested which  isn't easy. Not the best in its genre but I'm not left wishing for my 90 mins back.

No known DVD release as yet.

Dracula (1973) - PIC 004

Other than Kill, this is probably the only other title that might be referred to as desirable in the Piccadilly range, due to its horror status.

Shot Glass Review

Jack Palance stars as the famous count in this adaptation of Bram Stokers classic which is no Hammer Horror that's for sure.

A realtor is summoned to the counts castle in eastern Europe to secure a property in England. Whilst  in the almost derelict abode he is kept prisoner and ravaged by the counts female vampires as the count whisks himself off to Whitby.

Once in England the count makes a nuisance of himself up and down the East Yorkshire coast, trapping a willing young siren who happens to be the spit of his old love into his grasp despite the peskyinterferences from Van Helsing and his bag of tricks..

Great locations and quite a gothy feel to the film,  In fact the worst thing about this film is the star, a bit hammy from uncle jack with his grinny appearances, someone should have informed him that a glimpse of a fang is enough to convince he is Nosferatu, grinning for the dentist was not required, his accent is more transatlantic than Transylvanian and that's disappointing considering many of his european exploits.

DVD is available but i preferred this grainy print, very cinemaesque, just like a good pre cert should be.

Shimmering Light (1978) - PIC 005

Rare title but holds no value so picking up this tape will not break the bank, you may however have to wait a little while for it to appear.

Shot Glass Review

Cats in the cradle drama starring father and son team Beau and Lloyd Bridges, playing, you guessed it a father and son team. Though not so team, the son is, by his fathers opinion wasting his life surfing and enjoying it as world champion instead of the busy international businessman that he feels he should aspire to be in his wake.

The crux of the matter is after six years of non contact the father turns up back in Australia out of the blue, reason? Ill health of course. One final trot round the block tying up loose ends before D-Day, but naturally the son doesn't want to know.

These family feud dramas have been done before and a lot better, the acting as you would expect is decent, the dialogue acceptable, the storyline however is predictable and over used. The surfing shots are not as tedius as expected in fact some are incredibly good, and its not rammed down your throat  for most of the film as padding either.

I wont expect a stampede of prospective viewers/collectors to rush out for this one unless your a surfing nut or  GO video fan.