Go Marketing

GO knew how to do marketing, the entrepreneurial flare was evident from relatively early as Des Dolan and the crew ensured that this small independent video label attained its fair share of shelf space in the nations video stores.

We'd like to share an insight into the commercial activities of Go Video including the very active advertising campaign. We'll share some of the adverts that helped get the company into hot water and look into the unusual sales gimmicks sometimes deployed.

Trawl through some of the gaudy daring adverts in both public and trade press in the adverts section on the left, have a browse through the Go video catalogue or read some of the many articles written about their releases or troubles.

We have added a section on labels and will soon add a packaging section too, these aspects alone may seem trivial but as a combination they all add up to what makes the label so fascinating and ensured its success during the short period in time in which they were able to trade.

GO had some great ideas and would use pretty much anything to promote their product. Des knew how to manipulate the industry and how to market product from the music business and this was evident in the style and approach. They knew that to challenge the big studios that were entering the market and go head to head with established indies like Intervision, Derran and Palace  that the Go releases and name needed big splashes, not only that but regularly to make the titles and brand name memorable.

From early 1981 to mid 1982 you will not find it hard to see evidence of the GO marketing machine in full swing as most magazines will have a full age ad or two. Some like the Macabre advert helped change the flavour of advertising in some of the magazines forever as the head in the freezer was censored from future publications.

Magazines both domestic and trade were just one angle, other tricks had been employed from the distribution of Cannibal Holocaust beer mats in your local boozer or the offer of a free light bulb when purchasing Insanity as it was claimed 'its too scarey with the light off'. Fact of the matter is anyone falling for it would be grossly dissapointed on that promise, it didn't matter, the marketing machine will have done its piece.

Its this aggressive, creative and brutal approach that makes this short lived company so fascinating and their titles so collectable.

Now go look at some cool adverts...