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Our intention is to provide a dedicated website to this 1980's video distributor in the UK and share with you all the fabulous artwork from them and their subsidiary labels. If you have found this site then no doubt you will already be aware of GO Video ltd and some of their history and releases, for those that found us by accident...

Go video were a UK based video distributor trading in the UK between 1979 and 1983, they released onto the market a number of Horror, Italian thrillers, Adult, Martial Arts and most famously a number of exploitation films from the 1960's, 70's and 80's.

The specific time window in which they operated is quite significant, as they were in existence during the period leading up to 1984 and the introduction of the Video Recording Act (VRA). The titles released onto video in the UK during this time are fondly known as pre certs (Pre Certificate), as they pre date the certification required by law to release material onto video tape in this country. Not only did they take part in the era but were partially responsible for the act ensuring that all home viewed video material would require classification by the newly formed BBFC and all packaging approved by the VPRC.

In these pages are scans of all the artwork from the releases of this particular company, their marketing strategy as seen from a consumers eyes, how they got into hot water with the DPP, a timeline of releases, the packaging used and the realisation of how this label has become so collectable over the 25 years since its demise.

We have included for each title some info that we feel is of interest to fellow collectors including, director, genre, running times, desirability and values. Needless to say these values are only of the opinion of the sites owners and varying market conditions will effect these prices. There are three factors that are taken into account when valuing these tapes, recent trading patterns, desirability, condition and rarity.

We also intend to try to use this website to entice any past employees to come forward with any information on the company including its subsidiaries, so if you are or know someone who once worked for Go Video ltd, please get in touch. We would also be grateful if anyone could supply any articles, sleeves, tapes,  or anything else Go related.

So keep popping in from time to time and see some of the most lurid and daring artwork ever used in the UK, from not only the GO label but the full stable, we'll be sharing the whole family linked to the GO family and there's some crackers to behold. Or if you're into new media then follow us on twitter. 

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